Simulation training at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis spans five centers. The Immersive Learning Center includes the Howard and Joyce Wood Simulation Center and the Standardized Patient (SP) Center. The Wood Center provides training with computerized mannequins and task trainers. The SP Center allows medical learners the opportunity to engage with patient actors. The Department of Anesthesia’s Clinical Simulation Center primarily offers training to anesthesia residents and fellows. The Saigh Pediatric Simulation Center focuses on pediatric medical training. The Washington University Institute for Surgical Education (WISE) concentrates on surgical techniques.

Immersive Learning Center

The Immersive Learning Center (ILC) at Washington University School of Medicine is comprised of the Standardized Patient and the Howard & Joyce Wood Simulation Centers. Measuring over 11,000 square feet, the ILC includes 17 exam rooms, 4 simulation suites, 1 task training room and 4 conference rooms. Our active learning modalities include Standardized Patients (SPs), computerized mannequins and procedural trainers. These modalities offer learners hands-on opportunities to practice skills such as communication, history-taking, clinical reasoning, acute care management and procedural skills.

Howard and Joyce Wood Simulation Center

The simulation center offers learners opportunities to practice patient management and procedural skills.

Standardized Patient Center

Students practice clinical skills while interacting with actors who portray patients in a variety of scenarios.

Other Simulation Centers on Campus

Clinical Simulation Center – Department of Anesthesiology

The Clinical Simulation Center in the Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University School of Medicine has two simulation suites with full-scale electromechanical mannequins and various procedural trainers which are used primarily to train anesthesia residents. The 1,600-square-foot center is located on the third floor of Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Becky Snider, RN, is the administrator of the center. Learn More

Saigh Pediatric Simulation Center – St. Louis Children’s Hospital

The Saigh Pediatric Simulation Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) opened in May 2009. The Saigh Center occupies approximately 2,300 square feet on the hospital’s fifth floor. It features high-fidelity pediatric mannequins and two simulated patient care rooms. The center provides individual and team training experiences for health care professionals, residents, fellows, and medical and nursing students. Pediatric intensivist Arushi Manga, MD, is the medical director of the center. Sarah Weyhrich, MSN, RN, is the nurse facilitator of the center. Learn More

WISE (Washington University Institute for Surgical Education)

The WISE Center’s primary learners are Washington University School of Medicine general surgery residents. The center serves residents through a broad curriculum that includes use of endoscopy and laparoscopic simulators, training in surgical techniques and instrumentation, cadaver dissection, instruction in emergent procedures and preparation for performing specific surgical procedures. WISE Director Michael Awad, MD, PhD, along with Administrator Gretchen Blow, MSL, EdD and Lab Coordinators Angelia DeClue, CST and Karen Schubert, CST oversee the center. Learn More